my FALL suggestions for you

and you still can have anything else you want

NEW TRADITION - $89 per head

Cheese Soufflé with a Hickory smoked Lobster Bisque

Boeuf Bourguignon with Vanilla Parsnip Puree, Crunchy Baby Potatoes

Lemon pie with Lemon & Lime Curd, Tarragon infused Biscuit, Cinnamon-Ginger Chantilly


Scallops in a Cucumber-LemonGrass-Shrimp sauce, Bacon

Lamb Shoulder braised in Soy & Plum Wine, Sweet Potato, Lingonberry

Dark Chocolate, sweet Avocado, Black Olives, Raspberry-Beetroot Tomato coulis

SENSATION - $129 per head

This 4 course menu is tailored to you and your guests and includes matching wines

Cooking with love and conscience

I use organic ingredients every time possible to bring you the best taste and extra healthy benefits. I am passionate about Connecticut’s local markets and suppliers. I visit farms, growers, foragers and producers to find the best local ingredients possible