My truth about food

My Truth about food

Great food takes time. Not necessarily good food, but great food does, undoubtedly. Knowledge, skills, talent and even luck in some occasions. That’s what bothers most people who actually can identify and enjoy great food. They wish they had more time, skills and knowledge, so they could provide, for themselves and their loved ones, the quality food that they believe they deserve, at home.

But if great food is a challenge, good food can be made fast and easily. You can slow cook meat in an oven at low temperature for 12 hours, making it easy, cheap and delicious. And steam veggies or fish, in minutes.

Soon, we will be reminded that summer is coming. So-called experts will line up, on the front page of many magazines, to advice you to try this “fantastic new diet”. Soon again, we’ll hear about another “miracle spice”. New fancy terms keep appearing on the food scene, like paleo food, supergrains or superfood… but is it useful or should it even be considered knowledge?


There is no revolution, no super food, no ultimate diet and no miracle spice. The only ‘secret’ about a healthy, happy relationship between your mind, your body and your food is: eat different fresh products every day. That’s it. Simple, good old-fashioned common sense.


And that's my truth about food.

Arno Jullien